Tips to help you catch a blue marlin

Majestic blue marlin

There are several types of marlin but the blue marlin is probably the most sought-after marlin by passionate anglers. The blue marlin prefers tropical, warm waters which makes them fond of the deep waters of Cabo San Lucas. This mighty game fish easily tip the scales with weight ranging from 100 to 500 pounds and has a reputation for giving fishermen an unforgettable fight. Known for its stubborn streak, this pelagic creature refuses to succumb to an angler’s fishing rod and fights until the very end.

Chasing a blue marlin is definitely not a walk in the park. It takes tackle preparation, determination, focus, strength, the right equipment, and a reliable fishing charter boat to get the ball rolling.  If you’re dreaming of catching one, you should be ready to give it your all because a worthy opponent deserves a brave adversary

Putting fishing odds in your favor

Here are some tips to help boost your chances of catching a prized marlin.

Good weather conditions – Catching a blue marlin is more feasible during good weather when the water is clear. It is not advisable to target blue marlin right after stormy weather because of the tendency of the water to be murky.

Experienced captain and crew – A good way to secure a good fighting chance of catching a blue marlin is to hire a seasoned captain and crew of a good Cabo fishing boat.  With an experienced team behind you, you’ll have access to some of the best fishing spots in in the area. Nothing beats being privy to fishing hotspots where fish are known to bite.

Quality fishing gear – The blue marlin is a strong and agile predator of the ocean and you will need the right gear if you want to a fair chance in winning the battle.  You’ll have better odds if you choose a fishing vessel equipped with a fighting chair (or a safety harness in the absence of one), two-speed reel, rod that is capable of withstanding high levels of tension without snapping, rod holder, tackle, and strong line that can hold the weight of blue marlin.

Modern fishing electronics – Hi-tech fishing electronics can give you an edge when targeting blue marlin.  In today’s modern world, locating fish beneath and around the boat is easier with the help of electronic fish-finding tools like GPS, chartplotters, and radar.

Leaping Marlin

Teasing the big fish – Offshore teasers can attract blue marlin by tempting it onto a flat-line bait. Setting up teasers to bring the big fish up close is a proven technique for getting it to strike. When the big marlin appears behind the teaser, the angler pulls the teaser closer to the boat and retrieves it out of the water so the targeted fish switches onto a rigged bait.

Right kind of bait – Anglers often have higher strike rate when they use live bait for blue marlin. These majestic fish rarely pass the opportunity of going after live bait but may sometimes get suspicious of unfamiliar lures. A fishing vessel with live bait tubes (e.g. tuna tubes, bonito tubes) will definitely give you a fishing advantage. The blue marlin finds the following baitfish irresistible: bonito, false albacore, pinfish, ballyhoo, mullet, cero, squid, skipjack, and Spanish mackerel.  Anglers targeting the blue marlin may use baits or lures or a combination of both.

Setting the spread and speed – Marlin trolling often involves setting up a spread composed of rigger baits, flatlines, and freeline baits. Larger lures may be positioned on the outriggers while live baits may be sent back from flatlines off the stern. You can start with a general “W” trolling pattern with trolling speed of eight to 10 knots. There is no ultimate spread but you can experiment with various patterns and speeds until you find what works best.

Get ready for a tough fight – The moment the blue marlin is hooked, the unrelenting battle is on.  Fighting with a blue marlin may last for hours. You will need every once of your strength to successfully bring in the big blue. Smaller marlin weighing around 100 to 200 pounds may need the aid of a stand-up belt but larger ones over 300 pounds may require the stability of a fighting chair. It’s a pump and reel endurance battle until the big blue gets worn out. When you successfully bring your prized fish at the side of the boat, the crew will help you wire the fish and dislodge the hook from its mouth.

Landing a big blue is an exhilarating experience that’s one for the books and releasing it back to the wild is even more rewarding. Enjoy sportfishing at its best by chasing after that big marlin.

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