Accommodates up to 8 people & 2 crew

Package Details

Half-day Charter – USD 972 + 16% taxes
Full-day Charter – USD 1,077 + 16% taxes

Boat Amenities: Ship to shore radio, GPS, fishfinder, sonar, ergonomic fighting chair, outriggers, lifejackets, stereo/AUX

Included: Fishing equipment, English-speaking crew, and fuel

Phantom II Boat Details

Phantom II is our 34-foot Topaz fishing boat powered by twin 370hp. She can easily seat up to 8 people which is great if you want to take your whole family or all your friends fishing in Cabo San Lucas. The Phantom II combines maneuverability with the latest fishing electronics so you can increase the hook-up ratio of your targeted fish. Thanks to our boat’s size, she’s a stable platform which reduces the rolling and swaying that you often feel when you’re in a smaller cruiser. This can help lessen seasickness and give you a more stable base when you’re trying to land a fish.

The elevated bridge gives the captain excellent visibility to spot signs of a big-game fish in the water. When a strike is produced and the battle heats up, our sportfishing cruiser has ample rear deck space where you can fight heavyweights like tuna, dorado, and billfish. For intense battles, our boat’s fighting chair can give you an edge over your marine opponent.

When you need a break, Phantom II has a comfortable air-conditioned cabin where you can rest and replenish your energy. No need to worry when nature calls because our boat has a full head for your comfort and convenience.

Our captain and crew have been fishing the waters of Cabo San Lucas for many years and you can count on their knowledge and expertise to bring you to the fishing hotspots where the big ocean predators roam. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help especially when it comes to fishing techniques because they are always ready to lend you a hand.

Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have any concerns.

All inclusive package 8 drinks (water, bear, or juice), ice, cleaning the fish and fishing license 45 plus 16% Tax per Pax.

No refunds for sea dizziness  

Cancel 24 hours before departure 

50% at reserve your trip 

We know that fishing can be a big expense while you are on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, and that’s why we strive to provide the best fishing experience for a reasonable price.
Dock E, IGY Marina, Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur, México, 23450 
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