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When one mentions Cabo San Lucas sportfishing, the thought of heavyweight yellowfin tuna, feisty wahoo, spunky dorado, frisky sailfish, and leaping marlin come to mind. After all, Cabo is famous for aquatic abundance all year round and people travel from all over the world to this site to experience a piece of the action. Beginner and professional anglers make the journey to the southern peninsula of Baja California for a chance to catch any of these exciting species. Here are some of the top fishing spots to check out on your next fishing trip in Cabo.

Fishing in the Pacific side

Golden Gate Bank

The Tinaje Trough, a deep underwater canyon that runs from San Jaime to the Golden Gate Bank is teeming with many different species of fish. The undercurrent and warm temperature make this area ideal for different species of fish including Skipjack, Yellowfin, Dorado, Black Sea Bass, Striped Marlin, and Blue Marlin.

GPS Coordinates

  • Degree, Decimal Minutes: 23º 02.000′, 110º 14.000′
  • Decimal Degrees: 23.03333, -110.23333
  • Degree, Minutes, Seconds: 23º 01′ 59.99″, 110º 13′ 59.99″

San Jaime Bank

San Jaime Bank, an underwater canyon that measures more than 3,500 feet deep features underwater caves and mountains that attract species like Skipjack Tuna, Bonita, Yellowfin Tuna, and Blue Marlin.

GPS Coordinates

  • Degree, Decimal Minutes: 22º 50.000′, 110º 15.000′
  • Decimal Degrees: 22.83333, -110.25000
  • Degree, Minutes, Seconds: 22º 49′ 59.99″, 110º 15′ 00.00″

Finger Bank

This fishing spot is located 50 miles away from Cabo San Lucas marina, off the coast of Todos Santos. It’s a great area to go to if you’re targeting Striped Marlin, a species noted for its long and graceful leaps. The best time to chase after them is during the winter and early spring.

GPS Coordinates

  • Degree, Decimal Minutes: 23º 05.379′, 110º 47.743′
  • Decimal Degrees: 23.08965, -110.79572
  • Degree, Minutes, Seconds: 23º 05′ 22.74″, 110º 47′ 44.59″


Cabo Falso Lighthouse, located on top of a sand dune where the geographical limit of the two coasts, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California was established is a landmark of another promising fishing site. A lot of trophy fish have been caught in these waters particularly Dorado.

Cabrillo Seamount

This angling site is located 45 miles east from the 95 Spot which rises up 3,000 feet from rock bottom twice that depth. Although it’s farther compared to other angling spots, Cabrillo Seamount presents an opportunity for you to catch a humongous Marlin or Sailfish.

GPS Coordinates

  • Degree, Decimal Minutes: 22º 50.000′, 109º 15.000′
  • Decimal Degrees: 22.83333, -109.25000
  • Degree, Minutes, Seconds: 22º 49′ 59.99″, 109º 15′ 00.00″

Fishing in the Sea of Cortez side

Gordo Banks

Gordo Banks, located just off the coast of San Jose Del Cabo, 12 miles from San Jose and 22 miles northeast of the Cabo San Lucas marina is one of the best fishing sites in all of Baja California Sur. Many seasoned anglers make their way to the inner and outer sections of Gordo Banks for the promise of quality big game. In fact, some of the award-winning catches in prestigious fishing tournaments have been caught here including the 338-pound Yellowfin Tuna landed by Captain James Rosenwald and his team on the Inner Gordo Bank during the Cabo Tuna Jackpot 2017. Captain Rosenwald fishing on the Estrella del Norte bagged the championship title in 2017 with their prized tuna cow.

The Inner Gordo Bank is within easy reach of fishing boats while the Outer Gordo Bank is just around 10 miles off the coast. The best time to go sport fishing in Gordo Banks is during the months of April to November when water temperature and clarity, currents, and bait supplies are to your best advantage. The currents hit the rock formations in the region and create upwellings that bring back nutrients to the surface. The nutrient-rich waters attract baitfish which draws the attention of game fish species. Fishing remains good throughout winter because the banks are shielded from the winter winds by the Sierra Madre mountains.

Inner Gordo Bank GPS Coordinates

  • Degree, Decimal Minutes: 23º 02.000′, 109º 31.000′
  • Decimal Degrees: 23.03333, -109.51667
  • Degree, Minutes, Seconds: 23º 01′ 59.99″, 109º 31′ 00.01″

Outer Gordo Bank GPS Coordinates

  • Degree, Decimal Minutes: 23º 01.000′, 109º 28.000′
  • Decimal Degrees: 23.01667, -109.46667
  • Degree, Minutes, Seconds: 23º 01′ 00.01″, 109º 28′ 00.01″

Vinorama Canyon

Vinorama Canyon located farther northeast from Gordon Banks is another sought after location because of its year-round angling action from bottom fishing to trolling. This site features ledges and rocks that attract different kinds of fish wherein the beginning of the year is excellent for Yellowtail fishing while the second half is ideal for Dorado. When it comes to tuna fishing, it’s something that you can enjoy all year round.

GPS Coordinates

  • Degree, Decimal Minutes: 23º 14.102′, 109º 24.095′
  • Decimal Degrees: 23.23503, -109.40159
  • Degree, Minutes, Seconds: 23º 14′ 06.11″, 109º 24′ 05.72″

1150 Bank

This fishing ground which is a fusion of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez lies approximately 20 to 25 miles off shore. You can catch marlin and tuna in these waters and if you’re up for shark fishing, you can target the Shortfin Mako Shark, also known as the Blue Pointer.

Santa Maria Canyon

Santa Maria Canyon sits about 9 miles and in between the 1150 Bank and Gordo Banks which you can easily reach from Cabo San Lucas or San Jose Del Cabo. If you’re looking for big game action, this is certainly the place to be! With the right equipment and technique, you can score a huge Blue, Black, or Striped Marlin in these waters. You can also target other amazing species like the Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, or Pacific Sailfish. Favored by both local and international anglers, this angling location can get quite crowded during high season.

GPS Coordinates

  • Degree, Decimal Minutes: 22º 50.000′, 109º 45.000′
  • Decimal Degrees: 22.83333, -109.75000
  • Degree, Minutes, Seconds: 22º 49′ 59.99″, 109º 45′ 00.00″

Come to Cabo and try sportfishing!

Reckoned as the ultimate sportfishing grounds, Cabo San Lucas presents exciting fishing opportunities for beginners and seasoned anglers alike. What are you waiting for? Come and venture to the deep blue waters of Cabo to test your fishing skills.

note: GPS Coordinates are from Fishing Status

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