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How to catch the feisty Jack Crevalle

Getting to know the Jacks The Jack Crevalle is an underrated game fish since it is not highly targeted by fishermen primarily because it doesn’t taste good. Although it is often caught ...
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Thrill of striped marlin fishing in Cabo

All about the striped marlin The striped marlin is a beautiful fish with distinctive blue bands across its body, slender bill, and a lighter shade of blue which sets it apart from ...
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How to land a raging wahoo

Wahoo is a prized game fish found in tropical and subtropical seas all over the world. Its slender and streamlined body allows the fish to swim up to 60 mph and is ...
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Discover the top fishing spots in Cabo

When one mentions Cabo San Lucas sportfishing, the thought of heavyweight yellowfin tuna, feisty wahoo, spunky dorado, frisky sailfish, and leaping marlin come to mind. After all, Cabo is famous for aquatic ...
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Coating baits with scents or attractants

Do fish have the ability to smell? It turns out that the olfaction is important for many fish species. They have tiny nostril-like holes called nares which they use to smell the ...
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using tide for fishing

How to use the tides for fishing advantage

Did you know that the tides can affect the feeding behavior and migrating habits of the fish? By understanding the natural rise and fall of the sea, you can have an edge ...
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How to hook live bait to catch more fish

Did you know that the manner in which you pin live bait can influence how it behaves when you set it in the water? Properly hooking live bait is more important than ...
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What’s the best color of lure for fishing?

With so many designs and color combinations of artificial baits in the market today, it’s no wonder anglers feel quite overwhelmed. There are different things to consider when choosing the right lure ...
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How to win a battle against a big tuna

The yellowfin tuna was designed by nature with a streamlined body capable of traversing the seas in a high-speed fashion. You can recognize it by its metallic dark blue color on the ...
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WON tournament 2018

Gear up for 2018 WON Los Cabo Tuna Jackpot

The year is about to end but before it does, the waters of Cabo San Lucas will once again be teeming with fishing boats for another big angling tournament. On November 7-10, ...
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Win big at the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament 2018

Elite offshore fishing tournaments have this magnet-like pull that attracts avid big game anglers from different parts of the world to the waters of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during the month of ...
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Get ready for the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament 2018

For fishing enthusiasts, October is a truly exciting month in Cabo San Lucas because of several world-class Fishing Tournaments lined up. The “October FishFest” kicks off on the third week of October ...
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Up for a challenge? Try shark fishing in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is home to a fascinating variety of marine life; from tiny creatures to giant swimmers. A diverse mixture of prey and predators like sharks roam and call these rich ...
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bottom fishing

Bottom fishing rigs that generate strikes

Bottom fishing requires not just skill but a bit of resourcefulness and most of all patience. You have to be familiar or at least get input from people who know the area ...
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Landing a sailfish

Targeting a sailfish in the waters of Cabo

Cabo San Lucas offers one of the world’s best angling opportunities and people from different parts of the globe come to these waters for a taste of this action. Los Cabos is ...
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practicing catch-and-release

Why practice catch-and-release fishing

You probably encountered the saying, “If you love someone, set them free …” Did you know that you can apply the same thing to fishing? If you have a passion for angling ...
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Fishing in Mexico

How to apply for a Mexican fishing license

Are you planning to go fishing in Mexico? Aside from the usual fishing equipment and tackle box, you have to get a fishing license.  Anyone fishing on a boat and even passengers ...
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Tackle box essentials

10 Tackle box essentials for new anglers

Imagine being all hyped about your Cabo fishing trip trip only to feel your energy drain when you realize that you’ve forgotten an important fishing component.  But don’t be too hard on yourself because ...
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catching a dorado

How to land a dorado in the waters of Cabo

Scientifically named Coryphaena hippurus, the dorado (meaning “golden” in Spanish) is a popular, brightly colored game fish with many aliases. In Hawaii, it is referred to as mahi-mahi which translates to “strong strong” in ...
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Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Get ready for a Cabo deep sea fishing trip

Nestled on the southern peninsula of Baja California, the waters of Cabo San Lucas are known for its meeting point between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. The unique fusion ...
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Blue Marlin in action

Tips to help you catch a blue marlin

There are several types of marlin but the blue marlin is probably the most sought-after marlin by passionate anglers. The blue marlin prefers tropical, warm waters which makes them fond of the deep ...
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